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Japanese Language Flashcards - Hiragana Sounds
Learn how to Read & Write

Up for sale is a Japanese Hiragana flashcard set which is the main type of native Japanese sounds.

These sounds are the basis of Japanese speaking, reading and writing.

Each of the 46 Hiragana in this set show you how to pronounce and write Hiragana in the correct stroke order.

You can even play a guess game with these cards as you learn.

Japanese is comprised of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Hiragana are the native Japanese sounds for Japanese words.

Katakana are the foreign sounds in Japanese which are the way to write words which are not native to the Japanese language.

Kanji are symbols which can do also written in Hiragana.

The best way to learn Japanese and maintain interest in the language is to get to know how to read it. The best way to start is by learning Hiragana first.

As you learn Hiragana, you can read or at least pronounce a lot of Japanese material, you can even sing Karaoke in Japanese.

By learning Hiragana you will leap forward in learning faster then you imagine.

This set is perfect for beginner and medium students, but can also be be a great review tool .

For example:

Moon in Japanese can be written as tsuki, つき (Hiragana) or (Kanji).

Anna is an English word which is not native to Japanese, so it will be written in Katakana as アンナ (Katakana).

  • This set is printed on 4 pages of heavy card stock (120lb) paper.
  • It contains the 46 main Hiragana with a small chart to help you realize their relationships to each other.
  • We ship it uncut in order to save on shipping (I always combine shipping)

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