Welcome to the KD Collection

As with all of our collections, each originates at either an auction or a private collection.
Regardless of the source, we strive to bring the best, the rarest and finest collection we can find.
Enjoy browsing through our site and let us know if you would like more information on anything else you might like.
Up for sale, a collection of very fine antique estates featuring micro mosaics and pieces as old as the mid 1800s.
Most pieces are in fine mint condition and have minimal wear (which is due to age).

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the pieces featured here.


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0.25ct Diamond Channel 14K White Gold Band 0024 Nat Pearl Diamond Ring Cartier Apple Sterling Silver Paperweight Star Sapphire Silver & 18K Gold Bangle 0042 Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring axx
lxx   ibx SOLD
0028 Ruby Diamond Pendant ax 0078 Diamond Cross hx 0083 14K Eye Earrings ix 0041 Diamond Ring bhx 0084 14K Eye Earrings ix
0082 Eye Pendant pb 0085 14K Eye Pin ix   0089 0.10ct Diamond ring
0090 0.12ct Diamond Ring 0091 Diamond Ring 0092 Diamond Belt Ring 0093 Art Deco Pearl Circle pin 0094 Old Miner Diamond Ring
0095 Green Flower ring   0097 Emerald Diamond Ring   0101 Japanese War Certificate
0104 Meylin Stop Watch     Art Nouveau Sapphire Pin Sea Horse Diamond Pendant 20K





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